• T-shirt scarf

    March 14, 2012

    Hey all you furbulous fans!

    I’m going to tell you how to make a T-shirt scarf to go along with the layering technique from my last blog. That way, you can add this scarf and be totally ready for almost any weather!

    1.       Get an old T-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up. Turn it inside out. With a pencil, draw lines underneath the arm pits of the shirt all the way around. Then, a few inches up from the bottom of the shirt, draw another line all the way around it. With an adults supervision, use sharp scissors to cut the bottom and top of the T-shirt off using these lines as a guide.

    2.       Now you are left with a T-shirt tube! So now, every 1-inch, make 4-5 inch long cuts on one side of the tube to make fringe.

    3.       Now you’ve got your own T-shirt scarf! You can even add beads and stuff to the bottom to make it unique. No one will ever have the same cool scarf that you do.

    This also makes a cool gift for your friends! Just make sure you have an adults permission to use sharp scissors, and be safe!

    Have fun!