• Purple Day is Monday, March 26!

    March 21, 2012

    March 26 is a very special day. It’s Purple Day, a day founded by one of our 2011 Huggable Heroes to help raise awareness for epilepsy. Cassidy Megan McCarthy has epilepsy, which causes her to have seizures. Seizures can be scary for those who have them and the people around them, so Cassidy wanted to make sure more people knew what to do if they were around someone having a seizure. She started Purple Day so that more people can know about the disease and so that other people with epilepsy will know they are not alone.

    Purple and lavender are the official colors for epilepsy awareness, so that is why she called it Purple Day. Be sure to wear purple on Monday! Visit Cassidy’s website, www.purpleday.org, to learn more about this special day.