When is Bearville shutting down?

Bearville as we know it will shut down as of 03/31/2015, but this spring there will be new ways to play at buildabear.com/play!


Once you've logged in, you can visit the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop® store in Town Square to bring your furry friends to life online.


Why is Bearville shutting down?

Build-A-Bear is committed to offering entertaining play experiences to guests. Based on guest feedback and new technologies, we are shifting our focus to other online and mobile play, such as apps like Santa’s Merry Mission, launched in holiday 2014. We truly appreciate your loyal support for Bearville and hope you will continue to enjoy our new play experiences– with more to come.


3. Can I still access my account, my avatar and my items?

You can access your existing account, avatar(s) and all your items until 3/31/15. Check out the rare items we’ve brought back for our final months of play!


Why can’t I purchase or re-activate my VIB membership?

Memberships are no longer available for purchase as Bearville as we know it will shut down on 3/31/15.


I had a VIB membership for Bearville.com. What happens now?

Guest with paid memberships will receive an email with information about memberships, including refund details. Please contact VIBHelp@buildabear.com for additional help.


Can I still redeem my Animal Id and Key Code from my Build-A-Bear furry friend?

If you have an animal purchased before January 2015, that you haven’t added to your account yet, you can still do so until 1/31/15. Please contact vwhelp@buildabear.com for any questions about your Animal ID and Key Codes.


I had purchased a VIB membership, but I never redeemed it. What do I do now?

If you purchased a VIB membership but have not yet activated it, please contact vibhelp@buildabear.com for additional help. PLEASE NOTE: Billing support will no longer be available after 5/31/15


Will there be more Build-A-Bear online games coming out in the future?

Yes! While there are some games on buildabear.com/play now, come spring this section will have a variety of cool games and activities. Watch for an official announcement when our new features are ready.